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"Good improvisation communicates harmonic progression melodically. Effective melodies manipulate harmonic content through the use of guide tones and preparatory gravity notes, masterfully woven in systematic tension, release, and transparent harmonic definition."

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The following are PDF files you may download. All we ask is that they be used for your own personal use and not be distributed broadly without consent from us. Many of these are excerpts from an up and coming book, "Getting Into Jazz Mandolin" 20835BCD from Mel Bay Publishing.

One more thing--these are a boatload, and you'll want to take some time with them. Return us the favor; after you've used these a couple months, contact us and let us know if they did you some good.

FFcP: Key ingredients to our approach to improvsising, closing up the fingers for a more concise, tactile comprehension of the fretboard; the opportunity to move seamlessly through all 12 keys
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Stock 'ii V7 I': Brief explanation and a fingering chart for some basic major and minor chord positions 'ii V7 I'
Stock 'ii V7 I'
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'ii V7 I' Patterns: Melodic Patterns based on the above chord progressions. These will give you a taste of what you can do with one of the FFcP positions. The book will notate these in the other three, but you're welcome to experiment on your own with these.
Major Page 1 Major Page 2
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Minor Page 1 Minor Page 2
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Hear it (mp3)! Major 'ii V7 I' 2nd FFcP Demo

Guides and Gravity: Patterns in all 12 keys to develop a tactile sense of the "tension and release" note and scale degree functions (major). Sometimes referred to as "approach notes."
G & G
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Hear it (mp3)! G & G Demo

Bebop Mandology: One octave options in the Altered Scale. (Don't forget to mix them up as suggested in the bottom of the page!)
Bebop Mandology
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Lydian DUDU: Two goals, first to get your ear used to a raised 4th scale degree (Lydian Mode) and second, terrific stretching and RH/LH coordination. Tone, tone, tone!.
Lydian DUDU
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Fretboard Template: Found a cool chord you don't want to forget, or want to share with a friend? Use our free chord template. Print out the PDF file and make more blank copies for yourself when inspiration strikes!
Jazzmando Chord Template
Jazzmando Extended Fretboard Chord Template
Jazzmando 5-string Chord Template NEW!
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Sweeping for Tone: A 3-4 minute investment of time can set the tone (pun intended) for the rest of your practice session. Your pick starts the sound and is most worthy of the attention! Print out the PDF file and use it daily!
Sweeping for Tone
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