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The Lick
As we learn to improvise, we go through our musical development conjuring up a handful of motifs or signature, recognizable passages known colloquial as
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Classifieds find; DeCacava Jazz Mandolin
There's a terrific opportunity for a boutique mandolin on the Cafe Classifieds from Connecticut guitar builder James DeCacava. We've not had hands-on experience with his
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Mandolin as stress relief
Serving in the military can be some of the highest pressure jobs and one Staff Sargent stationed in South Korea has found his solace in
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Sage Wisdom

"Good improvisation communicates harmonic progression melodically. Effective melodies manipulate harmonic content through the use of guide tones and preparatory gravity notes, masterfully woven in systematic tension, release, and transparent harmonic definition."

Making mandolin mainstream.

No longer confined to basic folk genres, any mandolinist aspiring to a broader comprehension of music, including swing, blues, pop, choro, broadway, and even classical can expand his/her playing and through a working knowledge of jazz fundamentals. This breakthrough approach in mandolin pedagogy takes four uncomplicated fretboard patterns (FFcP) and drills a physical familiarity into the player's fingers, softening the fear of upper frets and prepares for the harmonic alterations necessary for effective and intuitive playing of more complex contemporary music.
FFcP Exercises
FFcP: An exclusive and revolutionary new way to access the entire mandolin fretboard. Start with Lesson One and move on to some more advanced techniques!

Webtracks: Extended audio support for Mel Bay's "Getting Into Jazz Mandolin" book. Includes free MP3 'jamtrack' accompaniment files and more performance material we couldn't fit on the CD!

Free Downloads!
Downloads: Exercises to make you more comfortable with the mandolin and a better player. JazzMando desktop wallpaper. All FREE!

Cool new mandolins!
Builders: Some of the hottest up and coming cottage and small industry mandolin builders in the world. Our panelists document their insights and observations

Fingers: Exercises and Techniques

Exercises & Techniques:
FFcP Pentatonic Studies
ii V7 I Major Patterns
ii7b5 V7 i Minor Patterns

Sweeping for tone
Two Octave FFcP
Seamless shifting

Ears: Tone Concepts

Brain: Jazz Theory

Tone Concepts:
The virtues of sustain
Cataloging Bad Tone
Understanding pick construction

Jazzed Pentatonic
Mandolin Chord Economics
Intentional Improvisation

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