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"Good improvisation communicates harmonic progression melodically. Effective melodies manipulate harmonic content through the use of guide tones and preparatory gravity notes, masterfully woven in systematic tension, release, and transparent harmonic definition."

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October 22, 2012 | Powerfully potent opportunities in this pattern of notes!


We've spent a lot of time on the Major Scale. Most of our FFcP entries have focused around this, with the exception of some exercises in Pentatonic and Dorian/Minor, but we also take you into what we consider the second most important scale or sequence of notes, one we've labeled the Augmented 11th Scale. It's a recipe that packs identical ingredients of two other well known modes:

G Augmented 11th: G, A, B, C#, D, E, F G
C# Altered Scale: C#, D, E, F, G, A, B, C#
D Melodic Minor: D, E, F, G, A, B, C#, D



It's one listed in the FFcP Studies in our extended FFcP Index page. Check it out!

Enjoy 2 page PDF: Aug11thExercises.pdf
More FFcP: FFcP Studies


Posted by Ted at October 22, 2012 6:44 AM

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