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Sage Wisdom

"Good improvisation communicates harmonic progression melodically. Effective melodies manipulate harmonic content through the use of guide tones and preparatory gravity notes, masterfully woven in systematic tension, release, and transparent harmonic definition."

Errata for "Getting Into Jazz Mandolin"

You can go through months of scrutiny editing published materials before it hits the printing press. You can even enlist outside eyes, as we did with a whole team of eager proofreaders. Despite all the efforts and good intentions, there will be mistakes. We've listed out ones we've caught or have been reported to us.

Hopefully this list can help you!


  • Pg. 9, line 5, measure 5 -- The second fingering 4 is over the 7, not the 1.

  • Pg. 22, line 4, measure 4 -- The chord is an F#Maj7.

  • Pg. 23, line 1, measure 3 -- The sixth note is a fingering at 2, not 1.

  • Pg. 25, line 6, measure 2 -- The sixth note TAB is 7th fret G string.

  • Pg. 28, line 2, measure 2 -- This is Dm6, not Fm6.

  • Pg. 38, line 5, measure 3 -- The sixth note is a fingering at 1, not 4.

  • Pg. 47, 2nd row -- The last chord is B (Natural) Minor not Bbm

  • Pg. 51, line 3, measure 1 -- The fourth note TAB is an 8th fret D string.

  • Pg. 58, first chord block, Fm9 chord -- G string should be 1st fret (Ab).

  • Pg. 61, line 3, measure 4 -- This is V7, not ii7.

  • Pg. 66, line 3, measure 3 -- The 2 belongs on the A string.

  • Pg. 66, line 5, measure 2 -- The seventh note TAB is 7th fret D string.

  • Pg. 70, 4th staff -- The last chord is a D not D7

  • Pg. 73, Key heading table, top right -- Keys should read Bb, B, F, F#

  • Pg. 75, Key heading table, top right -- Keys should read C, C#, G, G#

  • Pg. 77, Key heading table, top right -- Keys should read D, D#, A, A#

  • Pg. 77, staff 5, measure 5 -- The fifth note TAB is is 8th fret A string and seventh note TAB is 8th fret D string.

  • Pg. 78, 6th row, measure 4 -- The eighth note is 4th finger A string (final measure, note is F natural)

  • Pg. 92, line 4, measure 3 -- The seventh note is played with fingering 1, not fingering 4.

  • Pg. 92, line 5, measure 3 -- The fifth note is played with fingering 1, not fingering 4.

Get your copy today!

Catch another mistake we can add to the above list? Contact us.

Special thanks to John Griffin for compiling most of these.

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