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Sage Wisdom

"Good improvisation communicates harmonic progression melodically. Effective melodies manipulate harmonic content through the use of guide tones and preparatory gravity notes, masterfully woven in systematic tension, release, and transparent harmonic definition."

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Note: Because of the 70 minute audio space limitation on the book's CD, we were limited to running the full exercises of the Major and Minor 'ii V7 I' patterns to only the first of the set of four; each subsequent one was excerpted. As a bonus we are offering full accompaniment tracks on all eight of these (without mandolin), as well as the Turnarounds accompaniment tracks here in an MP3 format.

Audio: Additional background tracks for the book's exercises

Extended Major 'ii V7 I' Jam tracks GUITAR ONLY (John Eubanks/Guitar)
Page 63: 2nd FFcP Bb Major 'ii V7 I'
Page 65: 3rd FFcP C Major 'ii V7 I'
Page 67: 1st FFcP A Major 'ii V7 I'
Page 69: 4th FFcP D Major 'ii V7 I'
Extended Minor 'ii V7 I' Jam tracks GUITAR ONLY (John Eubanks/Guitar)
Page 71: 1st FFcP Am 'ii7b5 V7 I'
Page 73: 2nd FFcP Bm 'ii7b5 V7 I'
Page 75: 3rd FFcP Cm 'ii7b5 V7 I'
Page 77: 4th FFcP Dm 'ii7b5 V7 I'
Extended Turnaround Jam tracks GUITAR ONLY (John Eubanks/Guitar)
Page 89: 3rd FFcP Turnaround G
Page 90: 2nd FFcP Turnaround F
Page 91: 1st FFcP Turnaround Eb
Page 92: 4th FFcP Turnaround A
We are also offering additional examples of some of the above (along with the Dorian Patterns and How High the Minor 2nd with guitar and bass accompaniment. Feel free to load these to your MP3 player and jam to your heart's content!

Extended Dorian Patterns; Circle of 5ths (John Eubanks/Guitar, Jesse Boyd/bass)
Page 35: Dorian Patterns (fast version)
"How High the Minor Two" Accompaniment (John Eubanks/Guitar)
Page 61: How High the Minor Two (fast version)
Extended Major 'ii V7 I' Jam tracks (John Eubanks/Guitar, Jesse Boyd/Bass)
Page 65: 3rd FFcP C Major 'ii V7 I'
Page 69: 4th FFcP D Major 'ii V7 I'
Extended Minor 'ii V7 I' Jam tracks (John Eubanks/Guitar, Jesse Boyd/Bass)
Page 71: 1st FFcP A Minor 'ii7b5 V7 i'
Page 77: 4th FFcP E Minor 'ii7b5 V7 i'
Extended Turnaround Jam tracks (John Eubanks/Guitar, Jesse Boyd/Bass)
Page 90: 2nd FFcP F Turnarounds
Page 92: 4th FFcP A Turnarounds
The book contains five original tunes to introduce specific pedagogical concepts, including modal improvising, advanced blues, and shifting tonal centers. In preparing the accompanying audio CD, we thought in addition to the demo tracks of the exercises and the song jam tracks, it would be helpful to hear an "end product," complete performances of these in a "real life" context. No one better to do this than Don Stiernberg, personal mentor and consummate jazz mandolin professional. Three of the following are from the instructional CD, with the two additional "bonus tracks" we had to leave off because of space limitations. Enjoy!

Demo Song Tacks (Don Stiernberg Guitar and Mandolin)
Page 33: Lydia O' Lydia
Page 36: Dorian's Grey
Page 84: Chick'n Apple Scrapple
Page 102: Yes, I'll Always Be There
Page 107: Fascinatin' Doll
The following is a work in progress; we've enlisted the contributions of some of the world's best mandolinists in presenting their interpretations of the five song tracks. As these (and others) are submitted, we'll post them. Keep checking back with us!

Audio: Other Artist's Interpretations GIJM songs (Pages 33, 36, 84, 102, 107)
Will Patton: Lydia O' Lydia; Artist website
Mark Wilson: Fascinatin' Doll; Artist website
Mark Wilson: Dorian's Grey
Don Julin: Chick'n Apple Scrapple; Artist website
Don Julin: Lydia O'Lydia
Ken Olmstead: Lydia O' Lydia; Artist website
Craig Schmoller: Lydia O' Lydia; Artist website
Jamie Masefield: Yes, I'll Always Be There; Artist website
Jamie Masefield: Chick'n Apple Scrapple

Accompaniment CD Trivia

Solo Mandolin Tracks (1-11, 15-22) recorded by author on Phoenix Jazz Mandolin, Arrow Jazzbo 4-string, Rigel (blueburst) CT-110, and Mix New-Mad a5. Accompaniment for 13 and 23 recorded on Old Wave Solocomp JM (Jazz Mandola).

'ii V7 I' Majors, 'ii7b5 I' Minors, and Turnarounds (24-31, 31-36) recorded by author, guitar accompaniments John Eubanks.

Katrina Allstars--New Orleans rhythm players(12, 14, 32, 37, 38):
Mandolin (except 37, Ted Eschliman): John Eubanks
Piano: Michael Pellera
Bass: Jesse Boyd
Drums: Herman LeBeaux
Recorded and Engineered by Tim Stambaugh at Word of Mouth Studios , New Orleans

Don Stiernberg, Guitar and Mandolin (39-41)
Recorded and Engineered by Steve Rashid, Woodside Avenue Music Productions

Final Mixes and Master, Tim Pratt, Grouchy Peanut Studio, Lincoln, NE

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