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Sage Wisdom

"Good improvisation communicates harmonic progression melodically. Effective melodies manipulate harmonic content through the use of guide tones and preparatory gravity notes, masterfully woven in systematic tension, release, and transparent harmonic definition."

JazzMando Rigel Custom Gallery

Check out the fun options you can have with a Rigel instrument of your own. These pictures are a testament to the creativity of our customers as well as the strong desire to embrace the innovative modernity of the world-class craftsmanship at Rigel Instruments.


It all started with Blue-burst. Having purchased a tobacco-burst CT-110, the site author thought rather than be trapped in tradition, and strap on a tribute to a cancer-causing agent, he took advantage of Rigel's premier finishing services (they do incredible restoration on some of the finest old and new instruments) and sent it back for a trend-setting Blueburst finish.

Pictured are the author's CT-110, as well as several other custom CTs sold through JazzMando...


CT110_Front.jpg CT110_Back.jpg CT110_Cut.jpg

This one had a fabulous Birdseye Maple back:
BECT110_Back.jpg BECT110_Top.jpg

This started a trend, as the next NAMM show featured a table full of blue instruments at the Rigel Booth:

Two blue are better than one:

CTTwinsfront.jpg CTTwinsback.jpg

Burgundy-burst is probably our second most popular "alt" color. This fabulous G-95 featured a BB back and sides, with a blackface top:
G95Grade.jpg G95_Horn.jpg


G95garden.jpg G95 Oval.JPG

We did a another one for a customer who requested the same color combination, but added a tasteful Shamrock inlay on the headstock, with green abalone inlay.

In October of 2004, we designed and prototyped the currently popular Q-95, the "Gypsy Q." Originally, the two stock colors were to be the "Espresso con Pana" (espresso-burst back and sides with cream top, tortoise pickguard) and the "Doppio con Zucchero" (espresso-burst with white marine pearl pickguard).
Q95Designer.jpg Q95Oval2.jpg


DcZ_Q95_top.jpg DcZ_Q952.jpg

As you can see, our creative clientele had some other delicious ideas:
CreamQOval.jpg CreamQOvalA.jpg (White Chocolate!)

CreamQwStand.jpg CreamQBack.jpg

Q95EOval.jpg Q95ETop.jpg Q95Bluey2.jpg

Q95Bluey4.jpg Q95Bluey5.jpg


GypsyRoseQ.jpg GRQ95_Top.jpg



Much can be done in special fretboard inlays. We've sold several with the block inlay, and you can always add a custom color pickguard, limited only by your imagination.
G5_PG.jpg G5_Fingerboard.jpg

G5_Top.jpg G5Scroll.jpg

AplusCus.jpg RigelFlame.jpg Spider_Back.jpg

Or, if adventure isn't your thing, you could still go with one of the many exciting standard options!
RigelCrop.jpg Rigel_Genius.jpg

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